2 06, 2020

2020 Sponsor Spotlight

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Has social distancing become the new norm for you yet?

Hang in there. There’s no doubt, this crazy and unprecedented pandemic continues to touch the lives of every person on the planet.

We’re also in ‘hurry up and wait’ mode… But whilst we’re looking forward to being able to return home to Bali, there’s still heaps to be grateful for.

Firstly, we appreciate that so many of you are staying active with us on our video workouts in our Facebook Group. No gym? No problem. You can keep your blood flowing and your endorphins going – it’s as much for the mental benefits as it is for the booty!

And secondly, speaking of booty…

Do you have a circle of friends who are an integral part of your support network? So do we. It’s easy to tell who they are… They’re the ones who don’t shy away when the going […]

14 01, 2020


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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably locked in your spot on our Costa Rica fitness retreat and are looking for more info on what to expect and pack. If you’re reading this and are on the fence, looking for any reason to escape with us to Costa Rica’s lush rain forest, you should also check out this post to see why we’re the best Costa Rica Retreat! You may still have a few months to go before your upcoming WANDERFIT Costa Rica Fitness Retreat, but if thinking about what to pack and what necessary preparations you need to make, causes your grade school test taking anxiety to resurface, we’re here to put your mind at ease with some useful tips and recommendations.

Flight Preparations

You need to arrive in Costa Rica, at Liberia International Airport, Airport Code: LIR. We’ll be there to pick you up on the first day of […]

18 02, 2019

The Best Costa Rica Adventure With Wanderfit Retreats

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“Maybe there’s somewhere we can take our guests that they can experience more adventure in 7 days than they ever have before in their lives!?”, Will exclaimed to Carrie in between small sips of his coconut as they sat on the beach.

Smiling, Carrie simply nodded, as if to say, “You know you already have the answer..”

And he did, certainly, for they’ve both been to exactly this place before. It wasn’t long before the answer became obvious, as the memories of their Costa Rica adventure began flourishing back to the surface.

With that, today, facing a timeline that is ripe for expansion, all of us here at Wanderfit Ventures couldn’t possibly be more excited than to announce our upcoming Costa Rica fitness retreat. With our maiden voyage taking place March 23-29, 2020.

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