2 06, 2020

2020 Sponsor Spotlight

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Has social distancing become the new norm for you yet?

Hang in there. There’s no doubt, this crazy and unprecedented pandemic continues to touch the lives of every person on the planet.

We’re also in ‘hurry up and wait’ mode… But whilst we’re looking forward to being able to return home to Bali, there’s still heaps to be grateful for.

Firstly, we appreciate that so many of you are staying active with us on our video workouts in our Facebook Group. No gym? No problem. You can keep your blood flowing and your endorphins going – it’s as much for the mental benefits as it is for the booty!

And secondly, speaking of booty…

Do you have a circle of friends who are an integral part of your support network? So do we. It’s easy to tell who they are… They’re the ones who don’t shy away when the going […]

1 07, 2019

5 Daily Motivators To Keep Your Fitness Game Strong

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Maintaining a proper and well balanced fitness routine can be a bit of a task at times, we know.

We’ve all been there, as we do our best to get to the gym regularly – while still maintaining productivity in all of life’s other necessary attributes.

The struggle is real, so to speak, and this is precisely why from all of us here at Wanderfit, we would like to provide you with some daily motivators – intended to help you do your absolute best in keeping that fitness game strong!

Implementing these 5 daily motivators into your life will surely put you in a place of maintained desire, and with a resultantly dominating passion to fully pursue becoming all that you are capable of becoming.

So, let’s get started.

1. Establish Your End Goal

The first thing you’ll […]

17 06, 2019

The Most Effective Diet Is Not A Diet – Debunking Weight Loss Myths

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Unfortunately, more often than not, when we talk about fitness we find ourselves also talking about weight loss.

The world of today seems to be this never-ending cycle of – first, consume too much, and then, consume more of something different in order to eradicate the negative side effects of the former.

This is all too apparent when it comes to weight loss, as we often find large sectors of society in constant pursuit of the most effective diet.

We consume these dieting ideologies, we absorb them, and we often just blindly assume the information provided therewithin to be true and beneficial.

Diets which are in fact only required because yes, you guessed it, we consumed entirely too much in the first place. In this case specifically, too much food, and unhealthy food at that.

Well today, from all of us […]

24 04, 2019

The Program — The Last Workout Schedule You’ll Ever Need

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Are you struggling to find a workout schedule that works for you and your busy lifestyle?

Is it next to impossible to find a gym that can accommodate your specific needs?

Does it just drive you crazy when your personal trainers never do anything more than simply telling you what to lift and when to lift it?

Or perhaps you’re actually just looking to expand your knowledge of how proper fitness programming looks and feels?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, or are possibly just looking to try something you never have before, then we have some very exciting news for you!

We’ve recently spent an obscene amount of time and energy cultivating the most effective and enjoyable programming possible, and we’ve done this all with you in mind.

The Program – powered by

9 04, 2019

How To Use Food As Medicine — 9 Fun Facts

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Whether you’re battling arthritis, cramps, high blood pressure, or even just some basic cold, chances are quite high that you do not need over the counter medicines in order to save the day.

In fact, forking over half your wallet in an attempt to do so might even be causing you some serious long term side effects, which are not ultimately worth your short term fix.

Truth is, the possibilities for using food as medicine are far more abundant than the common public may yet be aware.

Here at Wanderfit Retreats, we will always encourage our athletes to pursue and maintain a well-balanced nutrition plan, and within that, we also think it is a great idea to be using your food as medicine whenever possible.

The Good, The Bad, And The […]

11 03, 2019

What Is The Afterburn Effect, And Why Is It So Important?

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Your gym buddy has just canceled their membership and left you to give CrossFit a try.

Your mom is joining the local bootcamp class, and your little brother can’t stop talking about how amazing his circuit training is.

What, is going on?

Right, and with high intensity training slowly becoming something of standard practice, you’re not alone in this questioning.

What is the big deal with all this “HIIT” stuff anyways?

Well, among a multitude of beautiful reasons to be conducting a regularly high intensity training regime, one of the chief proponents of positivity here is something cleverly coined the ‘afterburn effect’.

I’ve heard about this before, you might be thinking, but what exactly is this “afterburn effect” and what’s the big deal with it […]

25 02, 2019

The Top 5 Benefits Of Running – And Why You Should Be Doing It More

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When we think of getting ourselves into shape, the act of running is surely something that will cross everyone’s mind. Whether you’re one of those people who just can’t get enough of it, or even one of those who avoid it like the plague. We ALL know, on some level, that the benefits of running are far ranging and can indeed produce some rather serious benefits to our overall fitness regime itself.

And yet in spite of this collective knowledge, the truth is, unless you’re training for a marathon the chances are pretty high that you’re not running as much as you could, and perhaps should be.

It would  further appear to be that most of us often restrict our knowledge on the benefits of running, to the common and  overly simplistic outlook of “yeah […]

4 02, 2019

How To Create New And Healthy Habits

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The New Year is here and chances are high that we are all adamantly in pursuit of some new and beautiful personal reconstruction.

All of us here at Wanderfit Ventures certainly are, and we couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead. We’ve set new fitness goals, new diet goals, and new personal goals, as we are all actively becoming better versions of ourselves.

It’s time to leave some of our old habits behind, and to establish new and healthy habits.

A process that we’ve come to realize through the years can actually be quite complex. That is, retraining your brain to ‘be better’ and ‘do better’ doesn’t necessarily just happen overnight.

Having had been through these ups and downs ourselves, and knowing the stress that can go with it all, we’ve decided to do what […]

28 01, 2019

5 Reasons To Document Your Fitness Journey

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Have you ever had one of those days where you just simply can’t make it to the gym? How about one of those moments when halfway through the workout you just can’t seem to find any motivation for continuing?

Of course you have, there’s no need to hide from this, we’ve all been here before.

But okay, how do you push through?

What is it that these elite athletes who train daily are doing differently?

Well, among a multitude of variables, one thing that can really help anyone in these situations, is a proper documentation of your fitness journey.

There’s a lot to keep track of in a pursuit of becoming the fittest version of yourself, we know. From making sure to eat the right food, to training the right ways, and […]

21 01, 2019

The Importance Of Stretching – Is It Really That Necessary?

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You’ve just had an absolute smasher of a workout, and now all you want to do is take your selfies, go eat some amazing food, and get straight to the beach as soon as possible. Lay back, relax, and call it a well accomplished day, right?

Right, and it’s difficult to argue with such a beautiful sequence of events. But trust us, from everyone here at Wanderfit Ventures, when we say that everything in your life will be just that much more beautiful, once you allow yourself a little extra time for some much needed stretching.

The importance of stretching is far ranging, and will naturally elevate your day to day life in more ways than you could possibly imagine. From an enhancement of your overall fitness, to […]

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