9 04, 2019

How To Use Food As Medicine — 9 Fun Facts

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Whether you’re battling arthritis, cramps, high blood pressure, or even just some basic cold, chances are quite high that you do not need over the counter medicines in order to save the day.

In fact, forking over half your wallet in an attempt to do so might even be causing you some serious long term side effects, which are not ultimately worth your short term fix.

Truth is, the possibilities for using food as medicine are far more abundant than the common public may yet be aware.

Here at Wanderfit Retreats, we will always encourage our athletes to pursue and maintain a well-balanced nutrition plan, and within that, we also think it is a great idea to be using your food as medicine whenever possible.

The Good, The Bad, And The […]

25 03, 2019

How To Speed Recovery With High Protein Foods

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You’re getting stronger, and as the intensity of your workouts continually increases, you can’t help but be overwhelmed with excitement.

The weight is getting heavier, the times are getting slower, and you’re beginning to just feel absolutely amazing in every facet of your being.

Everything is great!

Except well, one thing. Which isn’t actually so bad, but you’re starting to notice that it may be slowing you down.

You’re sore, like really sore, and all of the time.

You’ve heard that protein, and specifically high protein foods can help you to speed your recovery, but what’s with all the hype?

Do Foods High in Protein Help To Speed Recovery?

Are foods high in protein actually going to be that much of an aid in a faster recovery window?

The answer is yes, absolutely.

Here at […]

14 01, 2019

5 Foods To Help You Stay Full Longer

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Have you set your new year’s goals yet? A new direction in life that you’re ready to fully embody? Or maybe you’re just trying to tune things up a bit, and simply improve upon your already amazing lifestyle habits.

Whatever the case may be, we here at WANDERFIT VENTURES want to take a moment and say to you, remember to eat right!

Maintaining a healthy diet is just as important as anything else, and we know, dieting can be quite confusing and difficult. That’s why we’re here with this list of foods to help you stay full longer.

Healthier options, that will veer you away from all those mid afternoon desires for chips and salsa. Some mouth watering favorites that can be added to most any meal, and really help you to stay full longer.

What […]

19 11, 2018

Health Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar 

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We’ve all no doubt in some way been a part of a conversation on the Health Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar.

“Dude, that stuff goes down worse then vodka! Count me out…”

Sounds familiar right? Whether you’re a frequenter of the Apple Cider Vinegar shot, or the one who often makes the statement above, the question remains, is it really worth it? “Why is everyone always talking about it?”, you question. “It tastes horrible, and I’m perfectly fit and healthy without having to endure that awful taste.”

From all of us here at WANDERFIT Ventures, let us start by saying, you don’t have to shovel down some terrifyingly gruesome 1oz shot from the depths of hades itself, in order to procure the far and wide ranging health benefits of apple cider vinegar. Add your vinegar to an 8oz glass of water, throw in some […]

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