March 23 – 29, 2020

New Launch Sale – $2049/person*


After two successful years of bringing together the most amazing people in two of our favorite places in world, Bali and Portugal, we’ve decided to bring WANDERFIT Retreats to the other side of the world – Costa Rica! Over the years, we have made numerous trips to this unique country in order to create the best, most legendary experience, just for you! We bring you the WANDERFIT | Costa Rica Fitness Retreat!

For our WANDERFIT | Costa Rica Fitness Retreat we spend seven (7) days surrounded by the famous beaches and lush jungle of Jacó, Costa Rica where you’ll experience all of what it has to offer by way of fun, active excursions. This includes hikes, workouts, water sports, sightseeing, and some dining planned for each day, as well as designated periods of free exploration so that you can freely wander out on your own. A more detailed itinerary will be released to registered travelers prior to the start of the trip, but expect a packed (and highly active) Costa Rica Fitness Retreat schedule.

To be eligible for this trip, you must be at least 21 years old and submit your deposit before the trip reaches capacity. Click the button below to book your spot and pay your deposit ASAP –  space is extremely limited since we cap our Costa Rica fitness retreats at 12 people.

*$500 non-refundable deposit due at booking. Price based on double-occupancy room. Solo rooms $2549/person. Prices increase to $2199/$2699 March 15th, 2019.


  • Transportation to/from Airport (trip start/end dates only)

  • Daily, Healthy Breakfast

  • Luxury Accommodation

  • Welcome Dinner and Drinks

  • Zip-lining Canopy Tour Through Jacó’s Lush Jungle

  • ATV Adventure Tour Through the Beautiful Costa Rican Tropical Rainforest

  • Whitewater Rafting Tour of Costa Rica’s Scenic Rivers and Countryside

  • Waterfall Visit
  • Functional Fitness & HIIT Beach Workouts and Guided Yoga Practices Lead by Professional Coaches/Teachers

  • Professionally Instructed Surf Lesson

  • Unforgettable Sunrises and Breathtaking Sunsets

  • Endless Good Vibes
  • Farewell Dinner





See what our previous travelers are saying about their WANDERFIT experience.

Having just returned from one of my best experiences ever and having so much to say about my amazing week with the Wanderfit crew, I will try and summarize my week with a little Wanderfit acrostic poem. This way I can add a little snippet about various aspects of the trip! WELCOMINGCarrie, Rachel and Will were so welcoming to everyone. The drivers who collected me from the airport and on the trip were also very sweet and kind. This was just what was needed for a first solo experience. Every afternoon there was always an additional treat to look forward to. It was very unexpected which just made each day so touching and special. Carrie and Rachel would go out of their way to capture all the memories of each day and send the photos to each person on the retreat! AMAzING Were the words I used to describe every activity we participated in. Some of the activities that were organized I would never have done if I had chose to do the Bali adventure alone. Surfing was by far the best activity and visiting the holy temple was a real spiritual and special moment embracing the true culture of the Balinese people. Swimming with a manta ray and reliving the spice girls days on the boat ride back was also hilarious.NIGHTS to remember Whether we were socializing around a dinner table in a fab restaurant or playing catchphrase on the girls pizza night in, there was always non stop laughter and ease just chatting away and learning about each other and sharing different experiences. Even seeing who had the most competitive side too! DELIGHTFUL and DELICIOUSBeing the foodie that I am, the girls really did know and pick all the best cafe hot spots for us to dine in. Every place we went was incredible food and lots of choice for special dietary requirements. Again, doing the trip alone I might of missed these hot spots. ENTERTAININGCarrie, Rachel and Will were all incredible and fun to be around. Their positive and upbeat energy working solidly all week really shows their passion and determination to ensure each guest has the best time they can. REMINISCING Now I reflect on my trip, in a heartbeat I would book the next venues in Portugal or Costa Rica. The only positive criticism I can give about the whole week is to have future retreats in the school holidays so I can book on as some of the dates aren’t currently applicable for teachers 😉 FLEXIBLE The great workouts that we did were always varied and suitable for various levels and Will would correct technique and support by giving variations. The classes varied from venue so it was nice to get a taster and amazing views of paddy fields while working out. Again MMA, was a class I have never tried but having the opportunity to try something different has opened me up to finding new experiences at home 🙂 INSPIRING Not only were the girls great at finding the best food places, waterfalls and the famous Bali swing, the personal development workshop was incredible and something I really found out a lot about myself. Terrific On the trip I said on numerous occasions, If I had booked a different retreat, I don’t think it would have been the same as when u meet the guys, you will know it is done with such passion and love! Every day I woke up knowing what was needed, the taxi pick up was waiting I just had to roll out of bed and the only worry was what to wear. 🙂 it was super organized and safe! I would 110% recommend the Wanderfit retreats to anyone considering! If it is your first time traveling solo, this is for sure the best retreat to do! 🙃🙂read more
Burty Kato
For over a year I wanted to do solo travel but was so nervous, I thought I would do somewhere close to home in case I didn’t like it I could quickly U-turn. Social media surfing 🏄‍♀️ started and I found many inspiring women talking about their solo travels to Bali and then popped up Wanderfit Ventures Girls Retreat, 2 weeks away! What a perfect pairing to dip your toe in the water with solo travel but not have the pressure to plan it all yourself AND KNOW you will meet friends! What I experienced: 1. A full week of endless laughter with 7 ladies from around the world2. A lot of singing, dancing, and “wait say that phrase again!” You sometimes forget how different accents can be mesmerizing3. Non-stop adventure with beautifully empowering pictures to capture the moments to remember them4. A network of women that are open-minded, willing to take risks, and working through all of life’s peaks and valleys too5. A reminder from Carrie and Rachel that all women are uniquely beautiful (YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!) You will feel so loved on this trip6. Motivational pushes from Will that vaca and work outs can co-exist (favorite part was machines and workouts I’d never tried before in the States) 7. A refreshing reminder that so much of life’s special moments are in the little things - no spoiler alerts, but Rachel and Carrie make every day not just fun, but truly special8. Things I had never done before this trip: a jungle swing (sets you free), surfing (be prepared to laugh a lot, myth buster- you will get up your first time!!), an MMA workout (talk about feeling like a BA!) The list goes on, but I will close with this, life is about participating, not spectating, memories are made from the field not the sidelines, BOOK IT! Live. YOUR. Best. Life. Cheers 💜,DBread more
Danielle Boyce
I was so nervous to take my first solo trip and to some place so far away. But I am so incredibly glad I did it. By far the best trip of my life. Carrie, Rachel, and Will are amazing humans and without them this wouldn’t be possible. They plan every little aspect of the trip and it’s all about the details. It is such a good balance of adventure, culture and fitness. I had a smile on my face every single day. I didn’t want to leave and extended my trip a few extra days. From surfing, to visiting a temple, snorkeling with manta rays, to yoga and meditation- i looked forward to each day. I love the ladies on this trip as well. We arrived as strangers but absolutely left as friends. I am so excited I have decided to book another retreat with them next year to Costa Rica. I would recommend WanderFit to anyone looking to travel and explore Bali - these guys will not let you down!!!!!read more
Nicole Diaz
I had such an incredible time on the Wanderfit retreat in Bali. I am in love with the place and its culture, but the experience would not be possible without the people. I cannot thank Carrie, Will and Rachel enough for making my time in Bali so personal and memorable - as well making sure that we got the perfect instagram shot! The retreat is the perfect balance of activities, working out and relaxing; I cannot recommend it enough!!read more
Lucy Pickering
If you’re like me and want to travel but don’t have anyone to go with you, wanderfit ventures is the group for you! I was so nervous about going half way across the word by myself, but I am SO glad I did! Carrie, Will, and Rachel made my Bali trip so unforgettable it honestly couldn’t have gone any better! Everything was so well planned and it was nice not to have to worry about a single thing. Just show up and have a great time! It was a week filled with one adventure after another. I will definitely be traveling with wanderfit again!! It wasn’t just the activities that made this trip so special, but the people I was with. A group of strangers soon started feeling like family. I’m beyond happy I found out about wanderfit ventures and would highly, highly recommend!read more
Teresa Sheets
Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Will, Carrie and Rachel for an incredible week. Adventures, fitness, friends and great food... what more could I ask for? I truly feel like I’ve experienced ‘real Bali’, stepped out of my comfort zone and been caught by the safe hands of the Wanderfit team on the other side. I will 100% be booking another retreat and am excited already. 💜read more
Emily Shepherd
I had a lot of preconceived notions about traveling agency and most of the time I will just prefer to arrange on my own. But the trip I had recently with them was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The people are friendly and not just that, I get a chance to know more new people from them. Everything from A-Z has been arranged properly and I have worry. The best part was, this ladies retreat is very flexible where I can cater to what I would like to do which is combining the fitness and exploring places of interest. I was travelling solo but never felt alone for every moment. If you’re looking for a holiday to co-insight with fitness this is the place for more
Aziani Azizan
I worked in finance in New York for 5 years. After quitting my job and deciding to take a year off, I felt like I first really need a holiday where I can reset, meet new people, plan out the next year of my life, and think about goals that I wanted to achieve (personal, professional, and health related). I loved the idea of a fitness/wellness retreat and Bali had been calling me since mid-2017. After doing some research, I stumbled upon WvnderFit Ventures on Instagram. After scrolling for quite a bit, I decided to message them and see if they could put together a retreat of my dreams that could help me be a human again (I’m very picky too!). Carrie got me and what I needed almost immediately. She SOMEHOW knew I wanted to see all the sights (for those amazing instagram posts), partake in some killer workouts, while also giving me some time on my own to explore new restaurants, reflect on my time in Bali, and meet new people outside of the retreat. Carrie responded to my e-mails immediately, put together the most amazing itinerary, and even threw in some sick surprises like the perfect jungle treehouse in Ubud and a trip to Nusa Lembongan and Penida. From the beginning, WvnderFit exceeded my expectations and there really is no other retreat company like them out there. Their driver waited patiently as I strolled into the airport almost 2 hours late from flight delays, etc. I was welcomed with a beautiful welcome bag (including all the things I didn’t know I needed) in a perfect villa on a rice field and then SURPRISE, I was greeted by Carrie and Rachel’s smiling faces. Our welcome dinner turned out to be one of my favorite spots in Canggu to eat (I’ve been there 3 times since), the two turned out to be the best workout partners (always encouraging me to lift heavier and congratulating me when I crushed a workout). Then, I met Will! Will is one of the most incredible, talented, and patient coaches out there. He helped me get my first kipping pull-up, consecutive knees-to-chest, hand stand push up and fixed my deadlift all in a matter of two weeks (basically a fitness mastermind/guru/magician). Outside of the fitness portion, Will also helped out with an issue at my villa. The issue was out of anyone’s control, and Will quickly found a new villa for me to move into (equally as beautiful). They were so professional and so organized, and everything was perfect. I felt like a human again! There were some things I didn’t expect to happen though. After I quit my job, I was wound so tightly and still couldn’t figure out how to breathe or relax (something I think both Carrie and Rachel picked up on immediately). While I was in Bali, it felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I was learning to enjoy life, my surroundings, and the people around me. Carrie and Rachel are the kindest, most welcoming gals I’ve ever met. They introduced me to people in their Bali crew and I felt at home almost immediately. I think without them knowing, they showed me how to slow down, to appreciate things a little more, to be in touch with my emotions and have more of a mind-body connection. We had so many laughs and I have unforgettable memories. WvderFit is a truly amazing company and I am so happy I stumbled upon them on Instagram. I walked into Bali as a shell of a human and left the retreat feeling incredible with 3.5 new friends (shoutout to Mila, Will and Carrie’s dog). If you haven’t already booked a retreat with them, do it more
Samantha Marie
I recently attended a private retreat with WVNDRFIT Ventures! I communicated the important takeaways upfront and Carrie & Rachel developed a plan for a 2-week trip. The entire trip was handled professionally and smoothly. I did not have to worry about a thing.I am a foodie, so I enjoyed a wide variety of food and drink. I was so happy with the variety of choices they selected.I also wanted to focus on some self-development. Rachel & Carrie both took necessary time talk through some important factors I have never ever considered.We traveled near and far to some magical places on the island of Bali, as well as, to other islands such as Nusa Penida, Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. Each island offered a different flair, which added to the adventure of the trip. Always something new to look forward to!So with so much excitement, sport and yoga, healthy and delicious food, and exploring more about myself, I left Bali with a serious glow, so many things to be grateful for, and serious positive vibes. I have no recommendations for improvement. It was a fabulous, fulfilling, and fun-packed 2 weeks! I am so happy I decided to plan a trip with WVNDRFIT Ventures. If you are considering any of the ladies retreats, I would not hesitate to sign up. It will be such an amazing time and will likely change your life!read more
Michelle Hughes
Words can’t describe how amazing Bali002 was. Will, Carrie,Rachel and Max were such great hosts and made sure we had the best time possible.
Luiza Blanchard
Words can not express how amazing my experience with Wndrfit was. This was my first trip out of the country and I have a feeling nothing will come close to this adventure again, unless I go again next year! Everything was planned beautifully, and the friendships I’ve made I know will be forever. It’s rare to meet people and just click..Carrie, Will, Max and Rachel are more than just hosts, they make you feel like you’ve known them forever. I’m almost 1000% sure I’m going to Portugal with them next year!!!read more
Nicole Pica
Just got back from Bali 002 (physically it was last week). After seeing a friends post upon her visit to Bali 001 I was intrigued about visiting such a beautiful place while also incorporating physical activities. I’m not a very experienced traveler so the thought of everything being taken care of on an island half way around the world was very inviting. Carrie, Will, Max, and Rauchuelle were incredible hosts/guides/trainers/paparazzi/foodies/friends. If any of their videos or pictures of Bali turn you on then seeing it in person will literally take your breath away. Things that may or may not have been described before our trip.... the food there was on another level and healthy and the Balinese people were amazingly nice and welcoming. The only negative was that awful dreaded feeling of the last day of a vacation multiplied by having to say goodbye to these new more
Matthew Brennan
When my girlfriend and I booked our first trip with WVNDRfit, we were wondering if we were going to get our moneys worth. After just the first day we quickly realized we were getting more than we ever expected! The service started even weeks before the trip started. The staff did a great job in reaching out to all of us, introducing themselves, and making sure we knew what to expect and prepare for everything we needed. From the moment we walked into our villas, we were greeted with floral decorations, a swag bag, and welcome gifts! The best part of everything was that we didn’t have to think about anything to do. Everything was planned out perfect. All the activities they planned were exactly what we would’ve wanted to do anyways, and they even gave us time for ourselves. We never felt like we were on a schedule either, if we were having a good time somewhere we hung out there until we wanted, and if we wanted to deviate and check something else out, we did that as well. This was also a very special trip for Cristie and I because I asked her to marry me! (She said yes �) Will, Carrie, Max, and Frank went above and beyond to make that experience for me unforgettable. They also made sure that everyone was accommodated by knowing everyone’s diet restrictions, food allergies, and physical capabilities. If someone for whatever reason felt as if they couldn’t do one of the activities, they made sure to accommodate them in other ways with out feeling left out of the group. Will was also a great coach, and has a lot of knowledge on how to move properly and how to make sure everyone was safe and had a good workout while having fun. Honestly I cannot wait for the next destination with WVNDRfit ventures!read more
Adrian Florido
I’ve done quite a bit of traveling both on my own and with a travel buddy but decided to change things up a bit and see what it’s like to have somebody else lead the way and show me a new piece of the world. It was 100% worth putting my trust in Carrie and Will, I couldn’t have conceptialized a better trip for myself if I tried. One of the best parts about the trip is not having to worry about a single thing. No planning, stress about scheduling or transportation. They thought of everything we’d possibly need throughout the whole trip and went above and beyond to provide luxuries we didn’t even need as well. Even during our free time we weren’t just left to fend for ourselves while Carrie and Will took a break. They were non stop in their quality of service recommending places to go and even showing us the way and joining us more than half the time. It felt like you were visiting old friends that really really cared about you as a person. My biggest concern going into it was, “am I going to feel like I’ve spent this money to be stuck somewhere I don’t want to be once I’m there and there’s nothing I can do about it”. I’m so grateful they proved my worries to be nothing more than just that. I couldn’t be happier with all that I got out of the experience. All in all, I expected the trip to be great because Bali is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go but it was so much more than I had hoped for and would recommend it to anybody who wants to do some traveling. There’s nothing else out there like WVNDRFIT Ventures and I can’t wait until new locations are added so I can see more of the world with them ❤️read more
Victor Zamudio
Not your average fitness retreat company! Perfect blend of fun, fitness, exploration and connecting with likeminded people! Exceptional attention to detail! You’ve got enough on your plate which is why you’re seeking to “get away”- they take care of all the thinking and planning! Just show up ready to explore foreign lands while staying active and healthy! Highly recommend!!read more
Ashley Pribisco
I attended the Bali 001 retreat and I truly had an amazing time! It was so nice to go into a vacation and not have to worry about having to plan what to do to get the most out of it. The Wvndrfit crew (Will, Carrie, Max, and Frank) is a group of fantastic, genuine people with every intention to give you the best trip of your life. They went totally above and beyond my expectations and planned a vacation filled with spectacular views, hikes, a variety of fitness classes that were scaleable to all fitness levels, and much more!They were also very considerate of the individual needs of the group including dietary restrictions, allergies, or any preexisting conditions or injuries that could potentially limit what one could do during some of the classes/hikes. I would highly recommend traveling with Wvndrfit to anyone looking for the adventure of a lifetime!read more
Jordan Palmer
The perfect getaway for adventure, travel and long lasting memories!
Rachel Krippner
When visiting a new place, especially a completely different country, you want to have some kind of itinerary in order. I always knew I wanted to visit Bali, Indonesia but visiting a new destination with not a clue of what to do was always in the back of my mind. Not only did Wvndrfit plan our trip with the perfect activities, but they added a personal touch each and every day that made the retreat even more amazing. Not to mention, they made sure everyone was accommodated, remembered all the food allergies, dislikes and likes, injuries, etc. On our free time, we got the best recommendation and tips for the coolest spots that never disappointed. This vacation was the perfect balance of adventure, zen, relaxation and fun. I can’t wait to attend another one of their getaways! Thanks for an experience of a lifetime WvndrFit!!read more
Cristie Hernandez
Just returned from their Bali trip001, and already having major withdrawals! The crew perfectly planned out the days in the retreat to see the best of what Bali has to offer. The amount of activities and adventures done during the trip are exciting and fun. The crew also has amazing skills in paying attention to details, they knew everyone’s name, food allergies, fitness level, etc, and made sure everyone was alright. I would highly recommend going to any WVNDRIT trips and can’t wait for the next one! Thank you again Will, Carrie, Max, and Frank!read more
Victor Ten
Just got back from Bali 001 and all I can say is WOW! This trip truly was a life changing experience and it definitely exceeded every expectation I imagined. Huge thanks to Will, Carrie, Frank, and Max for making this adventure possible. Can’t wait for the next more
Matt Bittle
I took my first ever international vacation with WVNDRFIT and it was the best decision I have ever made! The entire crew was very attentive, caring, and aware of every person on the trip. They packed an entire week full of activities and adventures and made sure we saw the best that Bali had to offer! Will is an amazing and highly educated coach, his fitness classes were fun, easy to follow, but challenging at the same time. For me, the best thing about this crew was their attention to detail. From knowing everyone’s name, food allergies, fitness level, etc., to providing us with everything we could possibly need to have a good time. Their daily gifts left on the bed each night helped us reflect on the days activities and gave us a small momento to help us remember the adventure. Even on the days where we had free time to roam around and experience Bali in our own time, they made sure we had options of things we wanted to see and do. Not one time throughout this entire trip did we have to figure something out or think about what to do. I can honestly say we saw and experienced all of Bali. It was a great mix of fitness, relaxation, and fun! I am DEFINITELY doing another WVNDRFIT venture and I can’t wait! Thank you Carrie, Will, Max and Frank for the best vacation ever!! ���read more
Vanessa Florido
Lea Ammiano Donoso
If anyone loves traveling, it's Carrie. She's always planning the next adventure. Will and Carrie are friendly and down to earth and so fun to hang out with. If you are considering one of their it! You won't regret it!
Alana Mary
Lauren Elizabeth
I went on a trip with Carrie to Europe and let me tell you, it was so nice not to plan a thing. I just told Carrie the things I wanted to see and she made it all happen! It was an awesome trip!
Gabby Marie
I was lucky enough to have Will as a coach for three FTAP (tactical athlete programs) and a regular crossfit coach. Will has extensive knowledge in the fitness industry on both weightlifting and human anatomy. Will can motivate any athlete and give you the coaching and confidence to do things you never thought possible as a novice or elite athlete. I would recommend Will and his fitness program to everyone!read more
Angela Goodwin
Whether you are an elite athlete or a beginner like I was, Will is the trainer for you. He was able to adjust workouts for my fitness ability at the time and my fitness level increased tremendously. Will’s knowledge is unparalleled and he was always able to positively motivate me to do more than I thought I more
Jimmy Ryan


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