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*To manage your subscription, please login to “MY ACCOUNT” via our homepage. If you have any questions, please email 

Why The Program is Your Program

60 minutes or less. Because if we’re being honest, we know you don’t have time to spend all day at the gym. But you know who does? We do. We put an obscene amount of time, thought and care into curating effective and entertaining programming so you can keep your entire focus on your workout! Most programs give you a workout with limited guidance or no reason as to why or how you should workout. We educate you by offering the knowledge of our highly experienced team. We take the time to explain the intention behind each portion of the program, while getting into what you can expect and why we program the way that we do. Included daily is a detailed scaling and modification section that helps you accurately choose where you are for the daily workout; whether you’re healthy, pregnant, injured or anywhere in between.

Your long-term health and fitness needs are at the core of each program we write. Also, we promise not to overuse the word “core”. The Program is designed for the overwhelming majority of the population of men and women of all ages who want to be as fit and healthy as possible, but cannot dedicate half of a day to training because of their jobs, hobbies, families, and countless other important responsibilities filling the other 23 hours of the day. To be very clear, our program is not designed for athletes who are looking to compete at a high level. If this is you, email Will and inquire about the Remote Individual Program that will help with your specific needs.

Our workouts can be done with the standard equipment found in most basic functional fitness gyms. We also offer limited equipment options, if you’re a proud garage gym owner or traveling. If there’s a situation where we program equipment that wouldn’t be common, such as a yoke or atlas stone, we’ll offer equipment or movement variations that will get you to the same finish line.

You’ll receive your daily workout on one week prior directly to your fingertips via our tracking app. Each workout includes a warm-up, preparation, recommended scaling options and recommendations based on category, equipment modifications, the coach’s strategic insight, optional accessory work and a cool down.

With The Program, you’ll receive access to our daily workouts straight to your phone using the online strength and conditioning app, Team Buildr. Tracking your effort, performance, movements, workouts, times, and lifts is an essential part of your athletic development & achieving your goals. Without these critical pieces of information, you are left chasing waterfalls, and we all know TLC’s rules on that. Be sure to go on your respective App Store and download the app. You will be able to easily log & track your results. Team Buildr has a large number of methods you can use to analyze your progress, communicate with other athletes in The Program, get coaches feedback, and identify your strengths & weaknesses.

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Will Henke
Will HenkeHead Coach
From an early age, Will has always been driven to help people. This drive is what lead him to enlist in the United States Military, where he served nine honorable years of service in the special operations community; taking him over many borders and in many extreme situations where being fit was not just a hobby or sport, but a necessity for survival. Looking for a way to couple this drive with his passion for health and fitness, he left the military to begin a journey to educate and empower people with the knowledge and tools needed to pursue their individual goals of health, fitness and happiness. His experience as a US Army Special Ops veteran combined with his diverse background as a coach and athlete give his programming philosophy separation from the rest.

Notable Experience:
↠ CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
↠ United States Army Special Operations Veteran
↠ USA Weightlifting – Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
↠ CrossFit Certifications: Weightlifting Level 2, Gymnastics, Defense
↠ 200-hour YTT Hatha Yoga Instructor

Cassie Keeping
Cassie KeepingCoach
Cassie was born and raised in Canada, but now calls Australia her home. Her fitness journey began with gymnastics, then transitioned into international and collegiate level track and field, until she suffered a career ending injury, leading into her discovery of CrossFit and the sport Bodybuilding. Her passion to train and compete sparked a greater purpose to coach others to help develop the skills and tools needed to achieve their fittest, healthiest and happiest version of themselves. Over many years of competing, training for performance and being an international-level Bodybuilder competitor, Cassie has developed sound knowledge across many diverse disciplines and styles of fitness. Her unique knowledge coupled with her massive heart, infectious personality and drive to help others are just a few of the many reasons we love having her on the team!

Notable Experience:
↠ CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
↠ Simple Massage and Yoga as Therapy
↠ Accredited Australia Athletics Coach
↠ Level 1 Australia Athletics Community Coach
↠ International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) Figure competitor
↠ 12x National qualifier and 3x All-American in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

See what our athletes have to say

Josh Sharp - WANDERFIT Athlete

About 4 months ago I sat down with Will to have a chat about him taking me on as an athlete. His passion, hard work and meticulous care for his athletes bleeds out of him and I knew he was really going to go above and beyond to help shape me into the best athlete I can be. It is safe to say I have never looked back. In the short time we have been working together I have made leaps and bounds in all areas of fitness and I feel the best I ever have! Will is always there to answer my questions and make adjustments as needed and keep me motivated for every session. With my tailor made program my weaknesses are fading rapidly and each week Im becoming a stronger more well rounded athlete. If your looking for a coach with an abundance of knowledge who you can count on and who will push you to reach your potential then I can not recommend Will highly enough.

Josh Sharp, Fitness Competitor, Proud Farmer & Beard Aficionado
Elise Richmond - WANDERFIT Athlete
As a trainer and athlete, I’ve always know the power of a finding great coach, and after a long time without one, Will came onto my radar. And he was worth the wait. Will is one of the most knowledgeable and personable coaches I’ve come across in my 10 years in the industry. His attention to detail in my lifts not only helped me learn how to fix my technique but, gave me new, effective ways of helping my own clients. Working with him online I felt was even more useful than in person, as he was always there with insightful and prompt feedback, no matter how many videos I sent through to him. This video analysis allowed us to really break down every inch of my lifts and fine tune the minor details. There was clear structure to his programming and he had a reason behind every exercise and movement he programmed for me. The changes in my lifts in a short space of time have blown me away!
Thank you Will! Bring on the PR’s!

Elise Richmond, CrossFit Regionals Competitor (2018), Adventure Junkie & Boss Chick

Elise Richmond - WANDERFIT Athlete

I’ve been training with Will for over 12 months, both in-person and remotely, with weekly programming and check ins. In that time I’ve found him to be an outstanding coach both in the attention to detail he gives in his programming and in adapting his approach to match my specific fitness goals. I’ve trained with a number of coaches and found Will to be the best, so much so that I decided to keep following his program after leaving Bali to return to London. It also helps knowing that he’s tested all the workouts before programming them in to my sessions, and that he is an athlete in his own right. I can highly recommend Will if you’re looking for a professional coach who can deliver you results!

Stephen Teasdale, World Traveler, Surf Addict & Scuba Extraordinaire

JP Simpfendoerfer - WANDERFIT Athlete

I’ve been following Will‘s programming for 7 months now and I am more than happy how I developed as an athletes, coach and box owner. His understanding in „what“ you need in combination with his elegance in programming is outstanding and challenges me every day entering the gym! Will makes sure you feel comfortable with all the movements, sends video tutorials and has open ears for all of your questions. Even with me being more that thousand miles away, I still know that I can reach him anytime. If you are looking for a fitness program that gets you out of your comfort zone, hitting all your secret buttons and helps you to get stronger and better in- and outside the gym- this is the way to go! I love how Will and I started as random strangers when he was a drop in during a visit in my hometown in Germany, to him being my coach and a good friend now!

JP Simpfendoerfer, Proud Owner of CrossFit Stuttgart, Beer Lover & Hat Connoisseur

Kathrine Rento - WANDERFIT Athlete

Will is without doubt the most inspiring, genuine and intelligent coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with! The programming he puts together is like an art form, it is specifically designed to expose every weakness and imbalance I have and yet still compliment my strengths. I have experienced more progress with my training over the past 5 months than I have had over the last 3 years. Being in the fitness industry myself, it is rare to find a coach like Will, someone who has a method behind the madness and someone who thrives on seeing you succeed. If you want a one size fits all program sent to you with next to no contact with your coach, don’t go to Will. If you want someone to tailor a specific regime for you as an individual, keep you accountable, put the hard word on you when you need it, motivate you when you’re having an off week and celebrate with you when you’re smashing it then this is the coach for you.

Kathrine Rento, Proud Owner of Pick it Up Fitness (Melbourne, Australia), Tan Game Strong & Endless Ball of Energy

Freddy Kurniawan - WANDERFIT Athlete

I have always been apprehensive in beginning my journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Most of my apprehension was due to a diagnosed degenerative disc (back, L5) and torn lateral meniscus (knee). In fact, several doctors told me that with my injuries, I could and should never run or lift heavy weights again, for the rest of my life. Until I met Will. I had the distinct pleasure of training with Will in-person consistently for 3 times a week for 2 months and continued with him remotely for 5 months now. Under his coaching, not only did I get to dramatically improve my fitness, I also learned to be more independent, responsible, and accountable for my progress. Here are my top 5 reasons why Will is the best coach I could have asked for:

Experience: I was not the first injured client he had ever coached, and certainly won’t be the last. He knew exactly the kind of exercises I needed to work on, made sure I had the right movement pattern and did not hurt myself in the process. I felt safe doing something that I once thought was impossible, even if I hadn’t been injured.

Punctual: you might think that this is common for most coaches, but from my experience it is indeed not. This includes timely responses via calls and text messages, whenever I had any questions or needed a discussion. To say I felt appreciated and genuinely cared for would be an understatement.

Thorough: if there is one word I could use to describe his coaching style AND overall personality, this is definitely it. Will always made sure I learned the details of every movement before I did it: why, how, how long, then what, etc. trust me, it will help you in a long run.

Knowledgable: Will was sure that every session was both fun and unique. He would draw examples from his seemingly wide-spread experience and various online resources to share them with you to make sure you expand your learning experience. As soon as you think you have mastered them all, he will throw you something new and fun to learn.

HE ACTUALLY CARES: he does. He actually cares about your life beyond the sessions. Will regularly asked me about my work, diet, hobbies. I believe this increased understanding of my world, my perspectives, my culture and how the training had influenced my life. I am very grateful to have Will as my coach and all he has taught me, but I also value the friendship that has come from this relationship.

I could go on and on to tell you why I am so lucky to have Will, but I would rather encourage you to experience it first hand, and then share your stories with the world. Will has helped me see that anything is possible. And he can help you too!

Freddy Kurniawan, Passionate Christian, Daydreamer & Collector of Memories

Gu Hao - WANDERFIT Athlete

Personally, I decided to work with Will as my coach because it was time I took my health and fitness on a more serious level. I wanted to work with a coach that could help me toward the goals I set for myself, while educating and empowering me with the ability to know as well. Over the past 2 months, I’m extremely surprised in Will’s ability to understand my exact needs and intelligently craft a program to work on my weaknesses, without neglecting my strengths, all while making each training session unique and fun! For example, I was never confident with my ability to overhead squat. I had an issue with stability overhead and could not squat well. During our short time together, Will has progressively worked to remedy the underlying foundational issues where I am now able to safely and confidently perform overhead squats. It’s very apparent there’s a clear direction to his program and knowing fact brings me comfort allowing me to fully trust him and his methods. To compliment his deep understanding of fitness programming, Will is among the most professional coaches I’ve encountered during my international fitness journey. He is always there to provide direct feedback and describe the intention of each part of my program. Although I am his remote athlete, based in China, I feel like he is always available whenever I need to speak with him or have any questions. If you’re looking for a highly professional coach that delivers simple, fun and effective programming, look no further, Will is your coach. I’m really looking forward to the next year of working with him!

Gu Hao, International Chinese Translator, Globetrotter & Fashion Trendsetter

Alex Macphail - WANDERFIT Athlete

Prior to meeting Will, I had been doing with CrossFit at an affiliate for just over a year. By this point, I wasn’t making the kind of progress I had hoped for. It was at that moment I knew I wanted to work with a coach to help with my individual goals and weaknesses, but wasn’t sure what to look for in a coach or where to start. After our initial conversation, the comfort I felt with Will, coupled with his obvious passion for helping people and fitness, even before I was one of his athletes was among the many reasons I chose to work with him. Since following his programming, the amount of progress I have seen with my own abilities has blown me away. The way he structures all my workouts to cater to my level and my weaknesses has me reaching goals a lot faster than I expected. I can’t recommend Will and his programming enough to anyone who is looking to achieve more with their training and take things to the next level!

Alex Macphail, Australian Made, Tattoo Collector & Trader of Stocks

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*To manage your subscription, please login to “MY ACCOUNT” via our homepage. If you have any questions, please email 
*To manage your subscription, please login to “MY ACCOUNT” via our homepage. If you have any questions, please email 


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