BALI 010 (2021)

April 4 – April 11

Double Occupancy – starting at $2199/person*

BALI 011 (2021)

May 16 – May 23

BALI 012 (2021)

June 20 – June 27

BALI 013 (2021)

July 18 – July 25

BALI 014 (2021)

August 15 – August 22


After months of researching, planning and exploring beautiful Bali for the best activities and accommodations, we crafted what we thought would be the perfect fitness retreat worthy of the WanderFit name – Bali, Indonesia.  Turns out, we got it all right.

For our WanderFit | Bali fitness retreats, we spend eight (8) days on the “Island of the Gods,” with group activities planned for each day. This includes hikes, workouts, water sports, sightseeing, and some dining planned for each day, as well as designated periods of free exploration so that you can freely wander out on your own. A more detailed itinerary will be released to registered travelers prior to the start of the trip, but expect a packed (and highly active) Bali fitness retreat schedule.

To be eligible for this trip, you must be at least 21 years old and submit your deposit before the trip reaches capacity. Click the button below to book your reservation and pay your deposit ASAP –  space is extremely limited since we cap our Bali fitness retreats at 12 people.


*$500 non-refundable deposit due at booking. Price based on double-occupancy room. Solo rooms $2599/person. Prices exclude Bali 009.


  • Transportation to/from airport (trip start/end dates only)

  • Luxury Villa Accommodations
  • Daily, Healthy Breakfast
  • Functional fitness workouts on the beach, at world class CrossFit® Affiliates and Bali’s finest fitness facilities

  • Welcome Dinner and Drinks
  • Snorkeling/Swimming with Manta Rays
  • Whitewater Rafting Through the Cultural Countryside

  • Day Trip to Nusa Lembongan Island (Separate Island of Bali)

  • Healing Water Visit
  • Waterfall Visit
  • Hike Up Mt. Batur

  • Functional Fitness Workouts, HIIT Beach Workout and Guided Yoga Practices Lead by Professional Coaches/Teachers

  • Professionally Instructed Surf Lesson

  • Authentic Balinese Massage at AMO Spa, Canggu’s Premiere Health and Beauty Spa

  • Unlimited and Exclusive Access to AMO Spa’s Relaxation and Recovery Lounge (Sauna, Steam Room, Ice Plunge Pool, Jacuzzi, Epsom Salt Bath & More)

  • Exclusive Beach Club Access
  • Unforgettable Sunrises and Breathtaking Sunsets
  • Endless Good Vibes
  • Farewell Party and Drinks




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How Fit do I Need to be to Attend a WanderFit Fitness Retreat?

This is a question we get a lot – and to be honest we don’t blame people for being curious or apprehensive about the “fitness” part of our retreats.

After all, people want the best retreat possible, not fitness camp / bootcamp, right?

Our Bali retreat, like all of our destinations, are inclusive and don’t require a specific level of fitness. It’s important to remember this is a Bali fitness holiday, not a fitness camp. So there’s no need to “get fit” beforehand, come as you are! Our hand-selected WanderFit coaches and personal trainers will be leading you through each workout. They are there to help anyone that needs to modify or adapt any movement to meet their individual need. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or are far along, we’ll create the right stimulus to give you the perfect feeling of accomplishment after your training session. Our Canggu retreat is meant to be a perfect balance between relaxation and fun. So, don’t sweat the small stuff, leave that sweat for the workouts!

What do you Mean When you Say WanderFit Retreats is an “Active Adventure & Fitness Holiday” When Describing your Bali Health and Fitness Retreat?

Another great question! There are many companies offering fitness camps or a fitness weekend that solely focus their experience on getting fit or losing weight. That is not WanderFit. Along with offering challenging workouts, we are also an active retreat. “We believe in the perfect getaway”, that’s one of our core values. With our retreats, we lead you first-hand to experience the best of what a Bali retreat should offer, creating the best retreats Bali. Experiencing the amazing cultural highlights that makes Bali so captivating, all while doing so in an active way, is how we believe this is best accomplished. Taking you whitewater rafting through the lush jungle of Ubud, snorkeling with majestic Manta Rays off the coast of Nusa Lembongan and hiking the summit of Mount Batur, an active volcano, to watch the unforgettable sun rise with your newfound friends. These are just some of the ways you will have the opportunity to actively see what this amazing island has to offer!

The “active” portion of our retreats can placed into three categories”

1. Fitness (aka workouts)

2. Active Adventures

3. Wellness & Recovery

Fitness / Workouts

You’ll workout a few times during your week-long trip led by certified coaches. We do HIIT/Functional Fitness style workouts both on the beach and at our favorite gyms in Bali. Our workouts are designed toward long-term health and accessible to everyone. Push only as hard as you want to. After all, we want to save energy for our adventures. There’s a gym onsite at our resort in case you want to squeeze in an extra few reps. You can also speak with our personal trainers about a session if you have any questions or want some help with anything you care to work on. In case you’re trying to learn how to perfect that handstand!

Active Adventures

This is where we spend most of our time! From hiking to surfing, most of our adventures include some level of activity even if it’s low-level. During your Bali fitness holiday, you’re going to do everything from swimming/snorkeling, whitewater rafting, surfing and more. All of which is very accessible and easy for someone with an average level of fitness. For example, our hike up Mt. Batur is about 2 hours or less, and the elevation is around 5,600 feet so the altitude isn’t lung-crushing. It’s a pleasant, beautiful hike that honestly almost anyone can do. If you really don’t feel like doing one of the activities, no problem! Just speak to us and we’ll be happy to chat about another option!

Recovery & Wellness

Not only do we offer challenging workouts, but we’re also there to help you recover. Our WanderFit coaches are also certified yoga instructors and will lead you through a relaxing, feel-good yoga practice that is suited for everyone. Even if you’ve never done yoga, don’t worry, we got you. Included with our Bali retreat, we include an amazing Balinese massage provided by Canggu’s premier beauty spa, AMO Spa. On top of the therapeutic beauty that you’ll be living in daily, you have unlimited and exclusive access to AMO Spa’s Relaxation and Recovery Lounge complete with a sauna, steam room, ice plunge pool, jacuzzi, epsom salt bath and more. We encourage all our guests to take advantage of this daily, because why not? If you’re going to play hard you need to recover hard.